Entrapped by developer trucks – Park Street, Henley Brook


Being a property owner on Park Street, Henley Brook for the past 33 years Mr Murray Severn said we are all now feeling very entrapped by the continuous number of heavy haulage trucks travelling along Park Street which is meant to be a quiet rural street. The trucks are being used by developers to accommodate the land fill requirements for their project sites on Woollcott Avenue.

“I have been advised that up to 100 trucks are being used for these projects through to January 2017 which are all making multiple pick up and deliveries during the day starting at 6:00am. The trucks are shaking the foundations of our homes causing damage and we are in fear for our lives just to go for a walk, cycle or horse ride!”

Turn up your speakers and play video…A closer look at the extreme safety hazard the City of Swan has created on Park Street…

“The entire Brabham development has been a works-in-progress for several years and during that time we have seen trucks exceeding the speed limit, trucks running each other off the road, truck collisions and rollovers, ALL on Park Street – and still no intervention by Council.”

“To really add insult to injury the current project sites are on Woollcott Avenue and not on Park Street. Therefore, the trucks should be staying on the main roads by travelling along Gnangara Road to West Swan Road to Woollcott Avenue. Or, Lord Street to Youle-Dean Road!”
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“These development companies are owned and managed by some of the richest people in Australia who are only getting much richer from these development projects at our expense. Their arrogance towards our community is down right offensive! Given the many complaints over the years it is very clear the City has not supported local residents and ratepayers by insisting that the trucks stay on the main roads or risk having their development application cancelled – a condition that could have easily been written into the development approval.

It is a real concern when City of Swan staff cite the argument that using the main roads will increase operating costs for the developers. To priorities developer operating costs over community safety is totally inexcusable and these people should be reprimanded from the highest level. In fact, the inaction and gross mismanagement by the City of Swan has effectively made Park Street and our properties a part of the construction sites!

“Enough is enough, we want our street back!” Mr Severn said.

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27 Responses to Entrapped by developer trucks – Park Street, Henley Brook

  1. Lorraine says:

    Is there an avenue to allow residents to take legal action against development companies for the damage caused to your homes, maybe via the ombudsman?

    • Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

      Hi Lorraine,

      I have emailed CoS asking how I can recover the cost of damages sustained to my home. No reply as yet.


  2. Sue Hurt says:

    I would suggest attending the City of Swan Annual Electors Meeting on the 7th December 2016 and lodge a motion which must be seconded

    I notice that two 70 Kms per hour speed posts have now been installed at Park and West Swan Road entrance

  3. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

    This post has been brought to the attention of:

    Swan Valley Councillor
    The Mayor
    Assets Works Supervisor
    Community Safety Advocate

    cc: Local Member for Swan

    My claim for damages has been forwarded to LGIS for assessing.

  4. Rachel Crawford says:

    I find it bad with 3 kids and 2 dogs. If they accidentally run out what chance would they have. As an owner of a transport business ourselves we know how hard it would be for a full loaded truck to stop. Our neighbour last week had a truck full drive into a truck which was parked outside her house delivering plates to install their pool. If the driver was a few seconds less then the truck driver would have been killed. He was at the back of the truck seconds before. The truck did not break he was just not concentrating and the large truck was just parked. What if it was a sedan with people in it. It would have been completely gone. Yes we need to address this issue before someone gets killed. They speed up and down here terribly. I am on Park Street. New to area only 3 months and disappointed at the noise and trucks. Xx Rachel Crawford

  5. Lorraine says:

    We bought on Park Street to give us a rural setting close to the CBD. It has turned into a nightmare with a never ending line of trucks using Park Street to access the development site. I personally have to back out my drive onto Park Street at the peril of trucks speeding in excess of the 70 Klm speed limit. I have also been run off the road on both Park street and Murray Road by these trucks. I now slow down when I see them approaching me and move onto the shoulder of the road to avoid being run off or causing windscreen breakage by the gravel they spray over you if they have to move over to avoid hitting you as parts of these roads are not wide enough for a truck and car to negotiate safely. I have small grandchildren who visit who are now only allowed to play in the back yard and cannot walk or ride their bikes. In fear of these trucks and their consequences. The noise created by these trucks is horrendous. FIND AN ALTERNATE ROUTE FOR THESE TRUCKS.

  6. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

    Police have been notified today.

  7. Sylvain says:

    To those it may concern,

    I am on one hand am so relieved to read that I am not alone, I have been battling this with City of Swan, the three developers, RJ Vincent, Main roads, the environmental department and the local police. Trying to approach this calmly and constructively (I have not sworn or shouted at anyone…yet).
    No one seems to want to help, I get every reason under the sun as to why they cant help…”we understand…but….”

    I am upset about the noise that 48 trucks in 32 min make (exceeds 105db), the excessive speeding, the engine breaks, the roads that are not to spec, the fact that I moved here for mix of rural and Urban life style, inconsiderate start times (pre-allowed time)… blah blah blah…

    We have put up with this for the last three years+, we moved to the Whitman edge development on Park street. The sales office even eluded to the scenario that Park street could shut off on Lord street side. Had Stocklands told me how much noise and lack of care I’d receive Id not have bought here (we wont talk about the trees they cut the watering system off on without telling anyone…thats another chapter).

    I feel that the council should do its bit to earn the rates we pay for, I feel the developer that use the roads should be made to develop the road like they are meant to (or cease their development), the developer be made to create a different route, rather than make us endure their traffic at our expense…. so this is the bit where I am sorry to hear you are all going through this too.

    I am upset to say the least and wish I could take action on this, but don’t know what more to do and when to do it (as I still need to spend time to work and look after my family).

    I had meant this to be short, so will leave it at this for now.

    PS am happy to share my notes of what I have done and who I have spoken to to try and make our life what we deserve and have paid for.
    Thank you for a spot to voice my feelings.

  8. Amanda says:

    It just goes to show how fast these trucks are going… Look at the entrance of the round-a-bout on Lord and Park St….
    Only a matter of time until someone is hit on the round-a-bout by one of these cowboy truckies. I constantly hear the engine brakes on coming up to the round-a-bout and then hear the hopping of the tyre from braking on the trailer.

    I drive trucks and understand that you need to get the job done but seriously these companies need to stop paying by the load if that is how they pay the drivers and the drivers need to talk to the companies to tell them that this is upsetting the residents of Park St.
    I had a run in with 1 last year trying to intimidate me on Murray St which was later dealt with by the supervisor.

  9. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:


    Rod Henderson, Liberal Candidate for West Swan and City of Swan Councillor has followed up our concerns with the City of Swan Executive Manager Operations, Jim Coten.

    It is my strong opinion that given the very large amount of landfill required for the Brabham projects the City has failed to protect local residents from this truck nightmare. It would have been very obvious that when negotiating the approval of these projects special conditions on truck routes and times would be required and should have been written in as an approval condition.

  10. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

    An onsite meeting was held at Mr Severn’s Park Street property on Friday morning.

    The meeting was attended by:-

    Sylvain Haass (Park St. resident);
    Murray Severn (Park St. resident);
    Michael Hayward(Asset Manager, City of Swan);
    Jamie Hogan(Asset Works Supervisor, City of Swan);
    Jim Coten(Executive Manager Operations, City of Swan);
    Rod Henderson(Liberal Candidate for West Swan and City of Swan Councillor for the Swan Valley).

    It was agreed that the following actions will be undertaken by the City:

    • Contact Main Roads WA and ask them to reinstate the 70km/hr speed sign at the western end of Park Street and also to install “Crest Warning” signage.
    • Undertake an “origin – destination” study to identify where trucks are going and how many of them are associated with the developments in the area.
    • Arrange a meeting with developers in the area and explain the community concerns and discuss the issue of truck routes.
    • Construct a temporary footpath on the southern side of Park Street where there is a missing link over the crest.

    Special thanks to Cr Rod Henderson for arranging this meeting!

  11. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:


    Liah Stoianis (Executive Assistant to Jim Coten) has advised that the temporary footpath on the southern side of Park Street is scheduled for construction commencing 9 January 2017.

  12. Angelo says:

    I agree with all previous comments. The trucks that travel this road is ridiculous in the number of them as well as the speed. They certainly are not sticking to the speed limit.

    This morning my recycle bin was pushed several meters from it’s origin point onto the road due to trucks barreling at what appears to be excessive speed. I caught this on my CCTV security.

    I often used to cycle along Park and Murray streets, but being a paraplegic my hand cycle is recumbent and close to the ground. I felt it was no longer safe to do this with these heavy vehicles.

    Its only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs

  13. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

    Thank you for the comment Angelo, I feel the same way about going for a walk or cycle ride.

    These blokes have certainly been going-hell-for-leather this morning in both directions – where are the officials when we need them??!!!

    As we all know it is now school holidays and kids want to be more active around their local neighbourhoods.

    The absolute lack of respect and consideration by the developer(s)/truckies for our community at this time is abominable!

    Please encourage your neighbours to post a comment.

  14. Richelle says:

    Our recycle bin was also knocked over by the trucks this morning. I was out there picking up the rubbish and putting the bin back upright with my 7 seven year old, when a truck went past. The driver had most definitely already seen us as I had stepped onto the road.
    He was going so fast that my boy’s glasses were blown off his face. I was absolutely livid at the irresponsibility and lack of respect for us and in particular my child. The driver did not slow down or show any consideration what so ever to us being on the verge.
    Something has to be done immediately.
    If a child or anyone for that matter is hit because of these inconsiderate drivers there is going to be huge consequences.
    Just slow down!!!

    • Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

      thanks for posting your comments Richelle, have just notified the Police again.

      please encourage your neighbours to post a comment also.

  15. Sylvain says:

    Noticed comments in two posts above that help solve something I was wondering for a while now. Which is why are all the bins on their side on bin day?…
    Is it the trucks?!?! Have to post a sorry to the bin man, thought it was the bin truck being careless. However it seems (after watching this morning) that it is the trucks.

  16. Shelley says:

    I am also a Park Street resident in the avonlee estate. I have two very young children and they are not allowed anywhere near our front yard to play due to the volume of traffic, especially trucks on the road. We also have our front door dead locked and rear access gated bolted and padlocked so the kids can not get anywhere near that road.
    I would love to take a leisurely walk to the amazing park in whiteman edge but I don’t do it as I have to push a pram and my husband has forbidden me to walk down Park st with no footpath and all those trucks. The crest that goes to one lane is extremely dangerous for myself with my children in the pram and school children that regularly use this road. I hate that the street I call home is just a major accident waiting to happen.
    The noise of the trucks wakes my kids from their day sleeps it’s that loud at times.
    This is certainly not what we were after when we purchased our block 5 years ago. If we had our time over again, we would not have purchased on Park St.

    • Sylvain says:

      Sadly I agree with you.
      We have five kids and our front door is locked and side gate bolted too.
      Even when we are out the front I worry.
      Be nice to let them go out the front and check/get the mail.
      Like you had we had our time again I’d have purchased else where.
      Which is a shame as I do like the location.

  17. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

    The alarm bells at the City of Swan should have be sounding very loudly given the amount of landfill required when approving these projects and I reiterate special conditions on truck routes and times should have been written in as an approval condition. i.e. STAY ON THE MAIN ROADS!

    Also, the construction of the Henley Brook Ave extension(4 lanes) through to Reid Highway will reduce the traffic volume on Park Street across the board. The construction of this road will pass across Park Street at the eastern end of the Avonlee Estate, there is hope!

    However, the construction of this extension is not scheduled to commence until 2019/20 even though it has already been in the construction pipeline for over 20 years (which is another chapter).

    Review of ward boundaries and Councillor representation

    If you are unhappy with your councillor representation (or lack of) there is now an opportunity to make changes. Brabham (southern side of Park st.) is in the Altone ward. Brooklands (northern side of Park st.) is in the Swan Valley ward and is well represented by our current councillors. The purpose of the review is to find a structure that best suits the district and its electors. I would strongly recommend checking out this information and making a submission which is a very easy process:


  18. Richard Evans says:

    Hi All,

    some very interesting comments and like others I have lived here on Park St since 2013 and only purchased after stocklands articulated that the Lord St entrance was to close and it is not allowed to be used as a through road for heavy haulage. I should have known better than to believe them but a quick check with the City of Swan did outline both so I left it there…….

    move forward to 2014 more and more trucks, 2015 further increase…. complaints to local representatives, the Shire… yes I received the same fob of excuses as everyone else. Then when challenging the city of Swan on a rates issue they did admit that they had indeed granted exemption to use the roads as a thoroughfare for the developer???

    when asked what due diligence was carried out at this time I was informed “the roads looked ok” wow……………………………………………………

    sorry this may be a bit long but this is the most recent of many events.

    on Wednesday afternoon (21st) I pulled out of my drive with the dash cam running and parked on the road, 14:00hrs – 14:12hrs 10 trucks went past me going up to Lord St, not ONE indicated to go around me, not one slowed down, 6 trucks also came down from Lord St going back… so 16 trucks 12 minutes… this was a random sample.
    I then followed a truck down Park Street and what a joke at the rise in the road, just getting there and the truck had to drop its near side wheels off the road as a truck was coming the other way (forced to do the same).. a footpath will not solve the fact the road is unsafe for heavy haulage, we then went down Park St and turned onto Murray Rd, yet again the truck ended up partially off road due to the inability of two trucks to pass, I had to slow down due to no visibility and vehicle getting blasted by all the sand/dirt/rocks kicked up by the trucks. the vehicle then turned right onto Woollcott Ave, again not wide enough for two vehicles to safely pass. of note the truck did not slow down at any stage, less turning onto a new road.

    To this end I would like someone in the relevant area of alleged authority and knowledge to answer the following.
    1. Why was Park St/partridge St ever approved and by whom, the same goes for the route Park St/Murray Rd.
    2. You are continually putting residents life’s in danger due to the volume and speed of the units, does it really take a fatality of a resident to give you the kick up the butt you clearly need. what is your justification?
    3. You are continually putting Truck and car drivers life’s at risk due to them not being able to safely pass on all three access roads. what is your justification?
    4. You are eroding all local roads further yet will expect us residents to foot bill in the future for the road rectification works. What is you position on this.
    5. If all that is advertised by the City of Swan is true and everyone really does care about our quality of life and safety, why has this been allowed to go on for so long with no regard on safety first.
    Also why has Youle-Dean Road been closed off?? this is a direct route to Lord St bypassing all residents and directly linked to the new development????? not rocket science just common sense and maybe that is what has been lacking with them all for the past 3 years…..

    I would be most keen to attend any future meetings if possible.


    • Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

      many thanks for the post Richard.

      I have just drafted an email to Liza Harvey (Deputy Premier; Minister for Police; Road Safety; Training and Workforce Development; Women’s Interests) asking for her intervention on the grounds of community road safety and adequate policing with copies to:

      Paul Miles (Minister for Local Government; Community Services; Seniors and Volunteering; Youth)

      Rita Saffioti (member for West Swan).

      Are you able to send me your dash cam footage so I can add it to the “Truck Nightmare” video? Also, if anyone else has incriminating video footage or photos please email me. msevern@iinet.net.au

  19. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

    I have just inserted some cctv footage into the “Truck Nightmare” video which shows how even a wheelie bin is not safe with this bunch and the total lack of respect they have for our community!

    Many thanks to Angelo for providing this footage.

    Just scroll up to the “Truck Nightmare” video and click play.

    Best wishes to all, a happy, safe and Merry Christmas.

  20. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

    the following recent posts are worth a read, please add your comments:

    Park Street residents in Henley Brook and Brabham call for speed reduction, claiming street is truck route

    Way Overdue New Temporary Footpath – Park Street, Henley Brook

    our article published in The Advocate Community News

    Special thanks to Councillor Rod Henderson for his input into this matter and arranging The Advocate news team to meet with local Park Street residents on site.

  21. Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

    Road Works to Lower Crest on Park Street Near Partridge Street

    Good News – the City of Swan have advised that road works will commence in May to lower the very dangerous crest on Park Street near Partridge Street. This will also include widening Park Street between Avonlee and Whiteman Edge. 🙂

    CoS email

  22. Sylvain says:

    May must be a different calendar meaning at city of swan, May has been and gone.
    Developers and council fail yet again.
    Not seen much commencement on the little bit of road that is so dangerous.
    Apparently it is more convenient to write letter to me about my/their verge.
    AM about to ring as I am not impressed and nothing has changed…at least they put it in writing.

    • Murray Severn Murray Severn says:

      Hi Sylvain,

      I have just emailed you the reply I received back from CoS. Possibly another 2 months before work commences, very disappointing indeed!


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