Local Roads Update…

  • Upgrading approximately 8 kilometres of Gnangara Road between Drumpellier Drive and Alexander Drive, which includes the modification to two lanes in each direction and upgrading of the intersections of Beechboro Road North and Gaskell Avenue to improve traffic safety and flow. This work is currently underway.
  • Construction of New Lord Street approximately 300m west of the existing Lord Street on the old Perth  – Darwin Highway alignment. This road is proposed to have two lanes in each direction with the possible provision of a rapid bus transit corridor. The City has recently submitted a request to the State Government to request funding to construct New Lord Street and highlight the congestion in the area.
  • The construction of Daviot Drive from Reid Highway to Benara Road. This is currently being constructed from Reid Hwy to Suffolk St and is anticipated to be extended to Benara road in the next 2 years dependent on approvals and land acquisitions.
  • Extension of Henley Brook Avenue south from Asturian Drive to Reid Highway which is also to include two lanes in each direction. Henley Brook Avenue is expected to significantly reduce traffic on West Swan Road between Gnangara Road and Reid Highway when constructed. From analysis, a reduction of between 40 – 50% of traffic will divert to the new Henley Brook Avenue by 2021.
  • Construction of Lloyd Street Southern Extension from Clayton Street to Great Eastern Highway Bypass, although not directly in the area is anticipated to reduce the congestion in Guildford by around 5-10%.
  • Although not being delivered by the City of Swan, Main Roads Western Australia are proposing to construct the Perth – Darwin National Highway from Tonkin Highway to Muchea, which is going to have major changes to the area given that it will be a free flowing highway from the Promenade through to the Gateway works currently being completed around the airport
  • There will still be congestion issues on West Swan Road south of Reid Highway though some relief will occur when the Lord Street southern extension (Daviot Road) is constructed. The construction of Lord Street South to Benara Road will result in a 15-25% reduction in traffic on West Swan Road south of Reid Highway.  Further relief will also occur when all intersections on the Reid Highway are grade separated, which is MRWAs long term plan.

Source: City of Swan

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2 Responses to Local Roads Update…

  1. Gaye Venville says:

    All of the above are necessary and cannot happen fast enough. They will certainly help the people who live along Lord Street and in the locality of Ellenbrook and the subdivisions within. However the Swan Valley extends to the east – to Campersic Road – no mention of any road improvements for tourism in this area. Any road that contains a tourist destination should be well presented and well may encourage other businessess to start up in the area. Again Haddrill Road has 5 tourist business but the road is very shabby with little or no shoulders and no general appeal. Given that we have our fair share of cyclists using our roads – consideration should also be given to cycle paths in between tourist destinations and bus bays off the edge of the road. Again everything appears to be done for West Swan Road (currently cycle paths being built) but nothing for the eastern side of the Swan Valley other than on Great Northern Highway. The proposed future link across the river is long overdue and I cannot believe that you plan on leaving it for 15 years before building this new bridge across the river.

  2. Sue Hurt says:

    What is required as a high priority is two lanes from West Swan Road to Beechboro Road for Reid Highway Extension

    You have two lanes from Reid Highway to the east; and people turning left or right from West Swan Road converging into one lane

    This is the major cause of grid locking in the region

    Either the State or City of Swan to build this section of Reid Highway, importantly with a right turn management from West Swan Road

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